Putting up the show and my opinion

I think putting up the show went really good,we had some problems with delaying equipment or some miss understanding.The timetable Nikki created was really good and thorough unfortunately in some points it did not work. I admit that i haven’t done much as the rest of the girls but I tried to keep up with timetable which said for me : doing the cables,music and so on, painting plinth.

According to Nadine’s post I have to defense myself. first of all me and Ilona let girls now we gonna be late as our train was delayed. I did disappear as I was looking for brushes and Ann to carry on with my job according to timetable. Unfortunately Ann was ill that day and i have been told girls Nikki and Nadine were looking for someone to gave us needed equipment. When they came back they did my job. I didn’t ask them to do it for me, I was there all day and prepared what was needed to do.

Then me and Ilona disappeared again as one of the artist asked us to go to workshop to find some unwanted wood pieces as she needed for her work.

The reason why I went to library was that there was nothing to do, we were all waiting for equipment so I thought i will use my time properly and asked Jacqueline to show me quickly how the library is working. I told girls I will be right back.

Only Nikki and Nadine had a permission to put the works up so we couldnt do much,only watching and telling  our ideas which havent been heard.

According to Nadine’s that we stood and did nothing when they had a struggle with Siyu Chan’s work we had talk about how Chan’s work should be put up. Then Ilona told kindly to girls what would work better  but they all ignored us and our idea.

Durring the show I was welcoming people and offering them leaflets and press-releases and asked them to leave a comment. We tried Nikki’s  cupcakes as all of us but we havnt eat them all. We offered people drinks and cupcakes, we were not there doing nothing. During our break time we went to shop to buy our own drinks to do not use the ones for visitors.

I am really disappointed about Nadines’ post  as most of us got through it and are okay now. We did what we were asked to do, we were all there and helped.  Also that kind of thing she wrote about is  unprofessional and should not be posted on internet at all.

Overall, our show was brilliant, visitors loved it and came back more than once.

Not everything has to go smoothly, there is always something we need to go through,which makes us stronger and more confident next time. I dont see our group work as a disappointment, we all learned something  new from it,and found own position in group work.


The Private View

Well the private view went rather well, as we had so many people turn up from inside and outside of the university which was great! We invited people and the artists from within the show brought people along also; as well as having some of the tutors turn up also!





We had a journalist at the event, Mariana Pereira, who interviewed some of us and some of our artists as well as taking visitors comments…

DSC_1292(Nikki during her interview with the journalist)

And we also had people noticing that one of our works was an interactive piece, and the interactions with this piece was successful!…

DSC_1336(Guest interacting with Faith’s work)

But yes, overall the private view was a success, we had many positive comments in person off our guests, and many questions and answers were given! And most importantly everyone had fun and had a nice time!…






And a lot of these comments were written down by guests in our comment book, which was good because we can now look back on anything we did well or need to improve on for future shows…

DSC_1356(Guest writing in comment book)

img_4994(Group curators photograph)

On behalf of ARTlife, thank you to all the guests for coming and for any of your comments. A big thank you to our artists for letting us use your work and cooperating during the process of the module. Thanks to our journalist Mariana; and finally thank you to any tutors that helped with our technical difficulties during the day of putting up the show!

(Photographs by Nadine Paige Riley)

Costings for the Show

During the whole process I have taken money from the group to buy all the things we needed for the show
Myself and Nadine went out to buy the things.
Amy spent her contribution on things we needed also

At the group meetings I mentioned that I would keep receipts and make a note of everything bought and then let people know after the module is finishing, if they either owed myself more or I owed them anything left over.

During the show however one of the group members, Ilona, approached me and asked if she could get a copy of this

So I thought so everyone could see exactly where the money went and who contributed what, I’d put it on here and they can take a copy if they wish

(Click to view the Costings Sheet)

From this you can see that others have spent more
I have spoken to them and we have agreed that we don’t mind the extra money and we will leave it at that

Interview with Ann Bennett

Myself and Nadine conducted a one-to-one Interview with Ann Bennett in which I recorded it on my dictaphone.

At the time Ann was very busy and there were private tutorials going on in her studio so we had to conduct the interview in the corridor of the university
Due to noise in the background you can not hear the full interview clearly.

I am in the process of the trying to depict the conversation, but it won’t be ready in time for the show!!

I’m really annoyed that I didn’t think of this when recording because Ann’s interview is so interesting!

I will definitely carry on trying to depict the conversation and will get the interview onto the blog as soon as possible!! 
I will also make it known at the private view that people should come on here and read it when it’s up because she definitely gave me some inspiration for my own work! I’m sure others will be inspired also

Final Leaflet Design

After taking everyones leaflet ideas into account and the time frame we will have to complete them on Monday.
I have come up with our final design which is pretty much the same as my second draft.

(click to view Final Leaflet design)

For this one I have:

-Corrected the currators list, as charlotte was missing off there and none of us noticed.
-The floor plan, I have kept the same as is it clearer and looks more professional this way
-All the artists have there numbers in accordance to the floorplan, and are in order in the leaflet of how you go around the room
-The pictures have only had the saturation changed to make them black and white,
none of the work itself has been changed in tone or contrast
-The descriptions are of what I did for the blog as they describe why we chose them for the show
(the interviews will tell the viewers about the work)
-Also the layout is in order of how we will print it, it has been tested so I know when it comes to printing them it won’t take long
-Also I’ve added page numbers as Nadine suggested,
I’m personally not sure on them but it doesn’t make the leaflet look bad so I trust Nadine’s judgment 

Im looking forward to seeing peoples reaction to them!