Putting up the show and my opinion

I think putting up the show went really good,we had some problems with delaying equipment or some miss understanding.The timetable Nikki created was really good and thorough unfortunately in some points it did not work. I admit that i haven’t done much as the rest of the girls but I tried to keep up with timetable which said for me : doing the cables,music and so on, painting plinth.

According to Nadine’s post I have to defense myself. first of all me and Ilona let girls now we gonna be late as our train was delayed. I did disappear as I was looking for brushes and Ann to carry on with my job according to timetable. Unfortunately Ann was ill that day and i have been told girls Nikki and Nadine were looking for someone to gave us needed equipment. When they came back they did my job. I didn’t ask them to do it for me, I was there all day and prepared what was needed to do.

Then me and Ilona disappeared again as one of the artist asked us to go to workshop to find some unwanted wood pieces as she needed for her work.

The reason why I went to library was that there was nothing to do, we were all waiting for equipment so I thought i will use my time properly and asked Jacqueline to show me quickly how the library is working. I told girls I will be right back.

Only Nikki and Nadine had a permission to put the works up so we couldnt do much,only watching and telling  our ideas which havent been heard.

According to Nadine’s that we stood and did nothing when they had a struggle with Siyu Chan’s work we had talk about how Chan’s work should be put up. Then Ilona told kindly to girls what would work better  but they all ignored us and our idea.

Durring the show I was welcoming people and offering them leaflets and press-releases and asked them to leave a comment. We tried Nikki’s  cupcakes as all of us but we havnt eat them all. We offered people drinks and cupcakes, we were not there doing nothing. During our break time we went to shop to buy our own drinks to do not use the ones for visitors.

I am really disappointed about Nadines’ post  as most of us got through it and are okay now. We did what we were asked to do, we were all there and helped.  Also that kind of thing she wrote about is  unprofessional and should not be posted on internet at all.

Overall, our show was brilliant, visitors loved it and came back more than once.

Not everything has to go smoothly, there is always something we need to go through,which makes us stronger and more confident next time. I dont see our group work as a disappointment, we all learned something  new from it,and found own position in group work.


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