The Private View

Well the private view went rather well, as we had so many people turn up from inside and outside of the university which was great! We invited people and the artists from within the show brought people along also; as well as having some of the tutors turn up also!





We had a journalist at the event, Mariana Pereira, who interviewed some of us and some of our artists as well as taking visitors comments…

DSC_1292(Nikki during her interview with the journalist)

And we also had people noticing that one of our works was an interactive piece, and the interactions with this piece was successful!…

DSC_1336(Guest interacting with Faith’s work)

But yes, overall the private view was a success, we had many positive comments in person off our guests, and many questions and answers were given! And most importantly everyone had fun and had a nice time!…






And a lot of these comments were written down by guests in our comment book, which was good because we can now look back on anything we did well or need to improve on for future shows…

DSC_1356(Guest writing in comment book)

img_4994(Group curators photograph)

On behalf of ARTlife, thank you to all the guests for coming and for any of your comments. A big thank you to our artists for letting us use your work and cooperating during the process of the module. Thanks to our journalist Mariana; and finally thank you to any tutors that helped with our technical difficulties during the day of putting up the show!

(Photographs by Nadine Paige Riley)


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