Costings for the Show

During the whole process I have taken money from the group to buy all the things we needed for the show
Myself and Nadine went out to buy the things.
Amy spent her contribution on things we needed also

At the group meetings I mentioned that I would keep receipts and make a note of everything bought and then let people know after the module is finishing, if they either owed myself more or I owed them anything left over.

During the show however one of the group members, Ilona, approached me and asked if she could get a copy of this

So I thought so everyone could see exactly where the money went and who contributed what, I’d put it on here and they can take a copy if they wish

(Click to view the Costings Sheet)

From this you can see that others have spent more
I have spoken to them and we have agreed that we don’t mind the extra money and we will leave it at that


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