Final Leaflet Design

After taking everyones leaflet ideas into account and the time frame we will have to complete them on Monday.
I have come up with our final design which is pretty much the same as my second draft.

(click to view Final Leaflet design)

For this one I have:

-Corrected the currators list, as charlotte was missing off there and none of us noticed.
-The floor plan, I have kept the same as is it clearer and looks more professional this way
-All the artists have there numbers in accordance to the floorplan, and are in order in the leaflet of how you go around the room
-The pictures have only had the saturation changed to make them black and white,
none of the work itself has been changed in tone or contrast
-The descriptions are of what I did for the blog as they describe why we chose them for the show
(the interviews will tell the viewers about the work)
-Also the layout is in order of how we will print it, it has been tested so I know when it comes to printing them it won’t take long
-Also I’ve added page numbers as Nadine suggested,
I’m personally not sure on them but it doesn’t make the leaflet look bad so I trust Nadine’s judgment 

Im looking forward to seeing peoples reaction to them!


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