Nikki’s 2nd Leaflet Draft

What I like about Nikki’s second draft

– I really like that Nikki has created a second leaflet draft in response to what other group members have said and done.

– I think Nikki’s ‘thank you‘ section at the back works well in terms of what it says, and the positioning of it on the back page is the best place also!

– I think the descriptions that Nikki is using from what is on the blog of why we have chosen the work is a good idea.

– I think that Nikki’s second leaflet draft after taking parts off other members of the groups, and baring in mind other group member’s opinions leaves it looking professional, which I feel is needed!

Click on the link below to see Nikki’s second leaflet draft

The only thing that I can suggest now, which is only a small suggestion is numbering each page, in terms of how a book would be numbered. It’s only a little tweak, but I personally feel it would make a difference and add to it’s professional look.


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