Nathaniel Hornsby

Nathaniel Hornsby


5 , Year 2

Home Town/Country:
Northampton, England

Medium Used to create your piece?
Watercolour on paper

What is your piece about?

This series of paintings is based on a hike me and my friends took last year. It was a part of a visual documenting phase where I would paint my friends in their daily surroundings. The series from the walk is to acknowledge the companionship between the group and the success of the trip. I wanted my motives to be simple, avoiding the deep and complicated theories that are often found in an artists work.

Does your piece have a title? If no, What would you call it?

The Series from the Walk.

How was your work developed through out this project? Why have you chosen that certain medium? 

I basically found a medium I enjoyed and decided to focus on it. Each painting it feels like you’ve learnt something new, and in the past year I think it shows in my work. As a medium it’s very rewarding in that way.

What is your favorite type of medium? 


Do you consider yourself an ‘artist’? How would you describe your style?

I have always had a fear of taking myself too seriously so I have always avoided calling myself an artist. But since the idea of attempting to make it as one after uni is becoming more
and more likely, I’m slowly coming around. I would describe my work as figurative and
verging on photographic…

What influences you with your work?

I find people and their traits interesting. Any work revolving around this intrigues me.
Because of this I am very interested in film which has been influential.

What has been the best advice given to you as an artist? What advice would you tell to young artists?

The constant nagging of teachers or lecturers to experiment and try new things… After the enjoyment I have gotten out of watercolour painting it something I now have a lot of time for, and would also be my advice.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you have any plans?

I’m enjoying painting and i’ll probably keep doing it no matter what. The dream is to be a successful painter.

What do you consider as ‘good’ art? Art that is great to look at or art that leaves you with an impression?

For me it’s usually both. But have time for both sides of the spectrum..

What is your favourite piece of Art in the world and why?

I’m afraid I don’t have one.

What comes into your head when you hear the word “Perception”?

I guess in this context, it’s what people focus on when they see at a person. Or in terms of art the conclusion the person comes to, as it often varies.

After hearing about our show so far, what are your thoughts?

It’s an interesting idea. You guys seem pretty on the ball so it sounds like it’ll be pretty good.

How do you prefer your work to be displayed?

When it’s a painting like this I think it should be straight forward.

Do you prefer to display your work yourself?

I’m not too fussy but I think it’s important to at least have at least some involvement.



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