Kat Preston



5 , Year 2

Home Town/Country:
Shrewsbury, England

Medium Used to create your piece?

What is your piece about?

I would like that to remain unknown for viewers own interpretations.

Does your piece have a title? If no, What would you call it?

Untitled 6

How was your work developed through out this project? Why have you chosen that certain medium? 

My project was to explore the unconscious through a developed technique of free drawing. I used this way of working as a sort of visual diary to reflect the everyday emotion of self. The images imitate how emotion is felt through the figure; hence, the ever-changing dysmorphic figures in the series. I then analyzed these everyday images from the last 3 months and chose key pieces to reflect the emotional journey of life; of being a woman.

Light and dark has always been a key feature in my work. I chose charcoal, as it is great for achieving those chiaroscuro tones I am fascinated with. In this series the light represents truth; the truth that often is hidden by the conscious.

What is your favorite type of medium?

Charcoal because it is a very free.

Do you consider yourself an ‘artist’? How would you describe your style?

Yes I am an artist.

 My style is sculptural that delves into Surrealism, Feminism and Art Therapy.

What influences you with your work?

The unconscious; where the true emotions lie.

What has been the best advice given to you as an artist? What advice would you tell to young artists?

Always be true to yourself.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you have any plans?

I would like to be a successful artist in a community of creatives.

What do you consider as ‘good’ art? Art that is great to look at or art that leaves you with an impression?

Good art evokes emotion and has something to say that is true.

What is your favourite piece of Art in the world and why?

I don’t have a favourite piece; I like a lot of works for different reasons. I am absolutely in love with Jean Arp’s sculptures. They are abstract contours but they hint at the female form; they are incredible.

What comes into your head when you hear the word “Perception”?

Perception is subjective.

After hearing about our show so far, what are your thoughts?

Intrigued to see the variety perceptions of the figure.

How do you prefer your work to be displayed? Do you prefer to display your work yourself?

Up to the curators.


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