Ilona’s Leaflet Draft

What I like about Ilona’s leaflet draft

– I really like the fact that Ilona has tried something more on the quirky or creative side, she has tried something new and different. I really like her effort.

Click on the link below to see Ilona’s draft:

However, the only thing I’m unsure about is having the logo on every page, as Ilona stated it was to connect the pages; however I don’t feel that every page needs connecting, but having the logo on the front and back page of the leaflet I feel is enough.

Responding to Ilona’s ribbon idea

I really do like Ilona’s idea for the ribbon with the leaflets, it is quirky; and I am really grateful that she didn’t mind starting it first thing on Monday morning. However, because we won’t be printing our leaflets until after the show is up, just in case of any changes; which is unlikely, but we always need to leave that possibility there, we just wouldn’t have time. But it was a good idea Ilona! :)


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