Changes From The Risk Assessment

On Friday, myself and Nikki went to see Ana to give her our risk assessment, but she also wanted other details such as the artist’s and their works and to see some sort of diagram, therefore me and Nikki went to print of information in terms of the artist’s work and our floor plan to show her.

This is what we gave to Ana:



From seeing the floor plan Ana had noticed a risk in terms of where and how we displayed work, and she said that we had no choice and had to move it.

Number 8, Faith Mcferran’s work (the projection) was dangerous in terms of the wire and the projection going across the fire escape, in which had to be left clear Ana said, which we didn’t know. Also with the refreshments table being in the way too.

Therefore we discussed with Ana the things that need to be moved and where we could move them to as an alternative; during this Ana drew on top of the floor plan we gave her:


From this drawing the floor plan has now been changed to this:


This is now the groups final floor plan to follow on Monday, we are now all set and ready to go!


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