An Update on the Journalist

Hey guys I have been talking to Marriena Parriera who is the Journalist from our very own BCU (Birmigham City University). Marriena is currently Studying Journalism in BCU at a Masters Level , for the show tomorrow she has agreed to interview the artist as well as the curators about the show and put it I a blog especially created to promote the show and also record the show as well as talking to the audience and asking their opinions about the show and what they think of  the show. Also if there any tutors around she thought it would be a good idea to talk to them as well and ask about the module and our show .

so when she uploads it on the blog it would be our own PROFESIONAL PRESS RELEASE and hopefully look good when it’s being marked. We also talked about maybe advertising it on twitter but then realised that it was a little bit too late which could have been an amazing plus if I had thought about it earlier , however I know that a few of us have a twitter account so I’m sure it’s not too late.


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