Update 2: Artist Information

With only 1 day left until the show, I had another check at the constantly updating Artist Information form I created

(Click to view updated form)

As you can see from the form, theres still a bit left to do

I think what I’ve found most difficult is getting information off so many artists! It’s hard to keep up sometimes with who’s sent what.
Also if I message them too often to remind them, I feel as though I’m pestering them!

I’ve sent emails out today and I will tomorrow, In a last minute attempt to get all the information we need, to have a full house for the show!

I think I’ve done well though as I’ve organised all the Artists Information, Interviews and Work mainly on my own.
Ive had help from Nadine and others when it comes to meeting the artists and creating interview questions.

I’ve really enjoyed meeting the artists though and reading there interviews!
I feel I’ve learnt more about our course and Art in general.

I think all this information is what’s going to make our show brilliant!


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