In response to Ilonas questions about the leaflets.

Ilona has mentioned a few questions about the leaflet as to whether as she quoted ‘Do we leave the leaflet as portrait booklet or do we go with a quirky idea’ an mentioned that it will look a lot more interesting… My opinion on this is that it would look very attractive and maybe more appealing for someone to pick up and look at (which is why I usually pick up a leaflet if it looks appealing to me), however I think it may be too ‘girly/pretty’ for our white-walled and modern exhibition. For if you look back on leaflets that the majority of us collected from the gallery’s in london such as the national portrait gallery and the Saatchi gallery which were mostly white-walled exhibition spaces, there leaflets looked professional and modern which is what i reckon the most of our group want to achieve with our leaflets. Also if this was to be done Monday I don’t reckon there would be a lot of time for much else, plus in my opinion it would suit a different type of exhibition more, maybe one that was dealing more with textiles.


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