Respond to Nikki’s Leaflet Draft

I am more than pleased with the whole look of our leaflet. It’s similar to Saatchi’s leaflet as we talked about it that it looks very good. I looked at all pages and as Nadine said would be good to write something like ”Thank You ” at the back of the leaflet. First page is very attractive yet not overcrowded,I like how every text used has very own space and is not interrupting others space.

Nadine’s plan on the second page is very good idea as it is very important to know briefly where is what and then read about it. Nadine’s map position is unusual but it works very good. 

There is not much to say I agree with all Nadine’s tweaks she mentioned such us making the name and the text central like the image is.

The layout about Artist’s information is fine , bold names on the top,text in center and images on the bottom,everything in black and white. All I must say I love it. 



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