Nikki’s Leaflet Draft

Nikki has recently created a draft for the leaflet for our show.

Click on the link below to view Nikki’s draft:

After discussing the leaflet with Nikki over the last couple of days, the way in which she created it is pretty much exactly how I envisioned it to be through our conversation. The front is fine it stands out as it is bold and attractive but is not too overloaded either, which is good as  we want our visitors to want to pick them up and look through them. I think the floor plan is positioned in the right place in the leaflet (second page), as visitors will be picking up these as soon as they walk through the door and as soon as they open the first page the floor plan is there, helping guide them around the room and to the artists.

In terms of the rest of the content focusing on the artists, I think the layout is fine with the name of the artist in bold at the top, the text in the center and the image of the artist’s work at the bottom. The only thing I could suggest, and I don’t know what Nikki or anybody else thinks, but is making the name and the text central like the image is; also, however I’m unsure whether this is just to help Nikki with organizing the leaflet in order or whether it is intentional , but I’m not sure about the artist’s being numbered either, but then again it does match with the floor plan which is what she might have been trying to achieve. I don’t know, haha, maybe I’m just being silly again! :’)

In terms of the last page, I think it should include a short thank you to the people who have attended the show and looked through the leaflets perhaps?


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