My Leaflet Draft Inspired By Nikki’s


My draft is mostly the same as Nikki’s as we both like the Saatchi version.

What I changed: according to Nadine’s idea I add some ”thank you” text at the bottom ( not the original one I would like to use,just an idea how it would looks like). I made the blog logo bigger to be a dominant part of the page.

About front page I did not change much,just the ”EXHIBITION GUIDE” to looks more settled and in one row.

The following (second page) is about map. I must say Nikki’s idea of using original look of the map is great but I think it would work better in this order rather than rotate to fit.  So we may ask Nadine to a bit change the position of the text, put it on the bottom rather than on the side of  map.

About the pages about work and artist as Nadine’s said I would put the name of the artist in the middle and put picture right after it rather than on very end of the page.

For the font style I would keep working with basic one,ARIAL font.


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