Leaflet Draft 2

Now I’ve had more time to concentrate on the leaflet,
I’ve had a look at Nadine and Karina’s comments on my first draft.

I agree with them that there needs to be a Thank you section on the back.
I can see where Nadine is coming from with taking the numbers out.
However, the numbers are there to go in accordance with the numbers on the floorplan, so I think they should stay.

I’ve added the descriptions that I write in the confirmed artist section of our blog.
It describes why we’ve chosen the work which I think is important

Ive also taken more care with the layout

The numbers have been made smaller and the names bigger
They have all been aligned to the page in the same places
The images have been centred the same
Also the paragraph has been set in the same margins

The floor plan layout I took from Karinas idea,
I think this looks bigger and clearer for the audience

The floorplan on this draft is the new one created on the risk assessment done today, in which we had to change to do some minor problems in the assessment.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 22.48.51

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 22.49.02


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