Final Public Floor Plan 3

Okay I created yet another couple of floor plans, this time with a more of a ‘diagram‘ type of look:


I would personally consider a floor plan to be a ‘diagram‘, which is why I have created something like this, with arrows leading from the artist’s names to of which is their work; as I feel this is what a lot of ‘diagrams’ you see are actually like, so I just thought I’d give it a go!

In terms of a diagram, some diagrams label everything, so I thought I’d do this, just out of pure interest to see how it looks:


I feel this doesn’t work. Not only is it overcrowded, but we lose focus on what is artist’s work and what isn’t, and I feel as this show is about the artist’s and their work, the floor plan shouldn’t be this way; it was worth experimenting though!

I feel now it is time for people to decide on what floor plan they prefer to be public and to go into the leaflet.


Comment on this:

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