Anna Sheppard

Anna Sheppard


5 , Year 2

Home Town/Country:
Northampton, England

Medium Used to create your piece?

What is your piece about?

The candles were part of a series of work of which their content explored the female body in particular. Although behind its aesthetics the notion of sadistic tendency became apparent.

Does your piece have a title? If no, What would you call it?

These are not titled as they were very much unresolved and still remain much of an experiment. Each candle presents something different whether it is the colour or its formation and so there many be multiple titles that could be applied, one for each individual piece.

How was your work developed through out this project? Why have you chosen that certain medium?

For many of my projects I like to make use of multiple mediums, learning processes and the properties of materials. In this case I produced a number of photo-shoots, all of which presented slightly different contexts as they developed from one to another. The candle wax became a rather appropriate material to work with due to its fluidity but also it’s ability to change form when in different conditions.

What is your favourite type of medium?

I couldn’t name one medium that I prefer to work with.
I am very much interested and enjoy photography. However I have more recently pushed myself to use and understand the nature of other materials and how they can be formed or manipulated to form sculptures. I have now so far worked with film, print, textile, metal, glass, wood, plaster and wax.

Do you consider yourself an ‘artist’? How would you describe your style?

Yes. I am an artist who makes my own work that is of genuine interest to me. I am unsure of a particular style that I would fit into, though my work suggests links to the surrealist artist, possibly from a feminist perspective at times.

What influences you with your work?

I am forever interested in the female body. I suppose initially this was driven by the female imagine in the media however as I develop my practice I have began to engage with it in different ways, mostly in a sexual context.

What has been the best advice given to you as an artist? What advice would you tell to young artists?

To never stop making, your best work sometimes happens when least expected. I’d also say never say no to any opportunity.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you have any plans?

The ideal would be to continue being an artist full time and produce successful work. In the mean time I would welcome any opportunity to gain any experience working with and alongside other artists. I believe there is still a lot left to explore before I know exactly where I want to settle in the arts industry.

What do you consider as ‘good’ art? Art that is great to look at or art that leaves you with an impression?

Art that is enjoyable to look at is great but I think there are so many talented people that to make something look good may seem the obvious outcome. To produce art that leaves you with an impression is always that of which is most effective. Whether its positive or negative if it remains with you and communicating with you then it is proven successful.

What is your favourite piece of Art in the world and why?

I’m not sure that I could select one piece as my favourite.
An ever lasting exhibition experience was Nan Goldin in Berlin 2010. Her collection of documented photographs taken of her and her friends in the 70’s which was then concluded with a video interview of herself and some of her featured friends and associates from that time. It provided the missing elements and stories behind the captivating images.

What comes into your head when you hear the word “Perception”?

The way in which a person reads any information presented to them.

After hearing about our show so far, what are your thoughts?

I think that you can a good range of differing work, presenting many different contexts however they are all coherent in a perfection of the human figure.

How do you prefer your work to be displayed?

Due to the pieces being unresolved they never reached the stage where I considered displaying them and therefore I would be happy for anyone to use their interpretation and imagination to stage them as they in vision.

Do you prefer to display your work yourself?

In normal circumstances yes I do like to present my work myself as I will have my own vision as to how it should look and I can be quite the perfectionist when it comes to positioning items.


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