Opinion on the Final Public Floor Plans

Referring back to a member of the group’s post (Nadine) drafted out two floor plans – for a final public floor plan for our ‘Art life’ exhibition.

Both floor plans look professional in terms of their layout and the labelling of artists work however final public floor plan 1 is labelled with numbers which insight is better than floor plan 2 due to labelling of artist names – too much revealed on a floor plan and if you walk into a gallery saw the floor plan with artists names labelled on there, this could be an excuse to not look at all the artist work but only specific ones, which in my opinion would indulge it for the viewer to see the floor plan with the artist names on without actually seeing the exhibition first. On the other hand I think floor plan 2 would be only beneficial for us as curators so we know the composition for the artist works – not necessarily essential for the public. I would chose plan 1 for the final public floor plan because it’s keeping it simple and includes correct information – yet keeps it concealed when labelled with numbers.

What do other members of the group think?


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