Last Minute Artist

Whilst Interviewing Ann Bennett (one of our appearing artists) Harriet Swanston, level 6 Student, approached Myself and Nadine, and asked if we would like to use her work for our show.
We spoke about her work and after Ann’s interview we went to Harriet’s studio space to see her work.

I was extremely interested in adding Harriet to our show and Nadine seemed to agree!

Due to this being a last minute thing, and only Myself and Nadine being there at the time, we have not had chance to put this to the rest of the group!
However, Due to the quality of Harriet’s work we feel the group will be happy with our decision.

When making our decision we first looked at the floor plan.
We did an approximate scale of Harriet’s work and added it to where there was a plug socket.
We made sure it was in a place that wouldn’t cause a trip hazard to the audience.
And also wouldn’t block the entrance too much!

We then took into account we had to inform Harriet of the interviews we were including

Thankfully, Harriet has been very helpful in regards to helping us organise her work and providing photographs!
I’m really pleased that she approached us!

Her work will add another medium to our show which I think the viewers will really like!

In accordance to Harriet joining the other Artists I have changed our press release:


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