Titling the floor plan.

So I took a look at one of Nadine’s recent post’s about how the floor plan should be titled and laid out and she had many variations to choose from, an I had a particular favourite and that was this one:

Favourite floor plan.

Favourite floor plan.

This one is my favourite because of the similarities to all of our other designs on the posters, logo, press release etc… With all the block capitals and green colour which relates to our ‘ARTlife’ symbol. It looks simple and professional and doesn’t take a lot of attention off the floor layout. However with the way it is lay out I took into consideration what Nikki has said in her post about the titling of the floor plan so I took a look at a floor plan from the Saatchi gallery to which I came across this:

Saatchi Floor plan

Saatchi Floor plan

The title of the floor plan is at the top of the page, its neat and simple looking and shows how ours could look, even though I think Nadine’s creation of the floor plan is better!


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