Title On The Floor Plan…

So okay, the editing of the floor plans using the basis that myself and Nikki created has begun!

I first was thinking in terms of “should we have a title for our floor plan” so it doesn’t look as empty, or bare or even random; which I personally thought it would have done. Therefore, with the help of Nikki (because my computer was being an absolute c*ck), she created the types of texts that I asked for and sent them to me so that I could incorporate them into the floor plan basis.

This is the floor plan without a title:

Floor plan version 1. No text-font

Obviously work or names haven’t been added just yet, but I kind of feel that if you were to be given a floor plan just like this, a title would really do it good!


Floor plan version 2. Artlife font exact

With my first title experimentation, I added the title ‘Floor plan‘  in the style of the ‘Artlifefonts, exactly how ‘Artlife’ is written on the blog and through the logo. I personally reckon it looks really good. It connects us as a group of curators, linking us through our blog and into the show. The only question is that does it clash with the logo? – I think this is what some members of the group might say; but I think it doesn’t clash – it matches. ;)


Floor plan version 3. Arlife font black italic

With my second experiment I wanted to keep the font of life inArtlife‘, purely because I feel the font is elegant and not too overpowering. It is just subtle. This time the whole colour of the font is just all black, just in case people in the group did think the colouring clashed with the logo on the other side; therefore showing I have tried out both. I personally don’t think I like this on as much; I like the font, but I thought the black and green text from the first experiment I did looked really good!


Floor plan version 4. Artlife font black and green italicsSo from my second experimentation I moved onto my third, and from my thoughts of the second I created this one. This time using the font of the word ‘life‘ and reverting back to the black and green matching to the blog colours. I think this one looks better than the second one for sure, but unsure which one I prefer out of this one and the first.

Overall I think that from doing these experiments the black and green titled text works along side the logo and I feel it connects us as the curators to the show and the blog so therefore personally I think we should use it! Unsure what fonts work best though – the one that completely matches with the logo with the use of both fonts, or the one where the font of the word ‘life’ from ‘Artlife’ is taken out and used on it’s own?

What does everybody else think of all this?



  1. ilonasekita

    Idea 1 is the best in my opinion, the other ones are nice yes however because the floor plan is so detailed i think the less is better. It wont look too busy and will stand out, also with using the font in the first idea it makes it more clear. and also keeps with the titles we have used with everything else. if we do keep them the same it will look more professional and characterise our posters/leaflets etc as they belong to one curated show. Cant find the words to describe that hope you know what i mean? But as i was saying, clear, plain and link to the other created things will make it stand out more and look a lot more professional if we keep to one idea for artlife logos and titles.

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