The Decided Title For The Floor Plan

I previously asked the group whether they like the idea of having a title for the floor plan, and then I came up with the idea of creating  three designs for them to pick their favorite from:







All of these designs were each on a floor plan so that they were able to tell how each one looked. Myself, Nikki, Rebecca and Ilona liked the first floor plan title, whereas Charlotte was stuck between the second and the third ones. However these are the only group member that gave their opinion so therefore with a favorite from most people I will be using the first one.

Nikki mentioned that even though she favored the first one she felt that the word ‘floor’ needed to be smaller to make it look more in proportion, so going from this:


to this:


And as she said even though it is only a slight change, I feel it is noticeable and does help.

Something else that Nikki mentioned to improve on, and Rebecca agreed, was moving the title to the top of the floor plan instead of at the bottom. So basically from going from this:


to this:

Untitled 2

So now, here it is, I am ready to get creating our final floor plan designs using this!


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