Floor Plan

From looking at the many floor plans that Nadine has done for us this is my favourite:

(click above image to view nadine post)

I like the detailed floor plan and then the images of the work to go with it.
It’s clear and precise.

From this I wanted us to do an accurate, to size, scale of the floor plan and work.
That way we will know exactly what the space will be like.
And then we can add the images of the students work around it to make it clear

This would be for us though, If we were to make a plan for the audience I don’t think the images of the work should be around it 

So from here we used the website that Nadine found and the measurements that we had taken and create this:

Floor plan version 1. No text-font

This is a to scale view of the room and work!

I thought this website was amazing! to get little icons like projector, plugs, speakers really makes this layout look so brilliant!!
I think this layout definitely has to be handed out to the audience as a key!


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