Siyu Chen

Siyu Chen(click above image to view Siyu Chen’s Website)



Home Town/Country:
China Hangzhou

Medium Used to create your piece?
Black and White Photography

What is your piece about?

Black and White Human Documentary, with strong contrast and detail. Allowing people to pay attention to the screen in more. In color photography is far more the rich explanatory and more subtle sense, and not-so-natural lifelike.

Does your piece have a title? If no, What would you call it?

Blists Hill

The Victorian era is the golden age of the United Kingdom. Telford in the UK local Victorian village, a deep canyon huge open-air museum – Blists Hill. Iron processing industry and the coal mining industry in the early 19th century and bustling, until the end of the 19th century with the development of industrialization and gradually abandoned. Preserved old houses, factories, small workshops, schools, and so I hope that through my photography to record this historic scenes of life.

How was your work developed through out this project? Why have you chosen that certain medium?

The screen to light I am more familiar with. Practice described in the book are several special light , a different light can shape and contrast different character as .The photography is actually different with use of aperture shutter and iso to record reality in the light of an art , so I chose this performance situation .

 What is your favourite type of medium?

I prefer creative film photography , to knock off the processed film feeling very let me fascinated .

Do you consider yourself an ‘artist’? How would you describe your style?

I am trying to become an artist , I want to distance the artist still has a long way to go, my concept of things need to be strengthened . I now only try a variety of styles . I think it will , I will will explore a belonging to my personal style line .

What influences you with your work?

My life experiences will become the largest source of my inspiration .

What has been the best advice given to you as an artist? What advice would you tell to young artists?

With life experience, to follow their own instincts

Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you have any plans?

The future is uncertain , I can only try to finish my work , but live the happiness and freedom is my greatest ideal , whenever I will be using this as my goal in life .

What do you consider as ‘good’ art? Art that is great to look at or art that leaves you with an impression?

Play moving the heart and is a good art resonates . Such as over the works give others some special revelation of life

After hearing about our show so far, what are your thoughts? 

This a good opportunity to show me as flat , and I was able to get a lot of different opinions , and I think these will be very beneficial to my future development .

How do you prefer your work to be displayed? Do you prefer to display your work yourself?

I try to use a variety of different ways to go performance , perhaps with a photo frame is the best performance .
I want others to show my work , because each person’s presentation is not the same , so I hope to get some inspiration from .


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