Preparing The Final Floor Plan: the basis

Okay, so after having a meeting with the group yesterday to discuss the floor plan and what we wanted to go where and how we were going to display it, myself and Nikki both went away and hand drawn these floor plans to see if we both got the same understanding following from the group meeting and what everyone wanted:

My Hand Drawn Floor Plan:


Nikki’s Hand Drawn Floor Plan:


We then both came together, and from looking at both floor plans we both had the same visual in mind from the group meeting, which was good because it shows that there was no crossed wires or confusion.

After this we went on the mac together onto the website I found; and using the measurements of the space we did the other day and the measurements of the artists work or other objects such as tables or lockers, we went to create a correctly measured out floor plan.

To see how we measured up the space and the diagram follow the link onto the relevant post:

When Nikki and I measured the space we measured it in inches; however on the website we were using in order to create our floor plan the measurements were measured in feet:


So we used an online measurement converter to convert the measurements of the space, the artist’s work and any other objects that we knew the measurements of:

Untitled 3

Then from what the group had discussed, and our own hand drawn floor plans we created this together:

Untitled 2


I will now be using this plan as a basis to create a variety of different floor plans for the group to decide on together what would be the best floor plan for us to use as our final one.


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