Press Release Comparison

After reading the opinions on the press releases, I think everyone is happy with the wording of mine (inspired by amy’s and Becky’s).
But there seems to be a split opinion on the layout.

Myself, Nadine and Amy like the layout of this one:

Nikki's Press Release

And Ilona, Karina and Becky seem to like this one:

Karina Press Release

Based on that and the research I did on layouts of Press Releases,
As a compromise I came up with this one:

Final Press Release

With this one it combines all of our views;

bold title – includes artists work – still looks professional – in keeping with the poster – has the layout of a press release – information is still the same – all in line with each other

Whats does everyone think?
Shall we use this as our final Press Release?



  1. Karina Cabanikova

    I like the compromise :). small version of the title looks very good and it doesnt attrack that much attention :). Definitely use it for our Press Release :).

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