Possibilities for the show

When Nikki and I went around the uni on Friday, we had in mind different ideas in terms of displaying from things we had seen. As we were looking around studios and the university in general there weren’t that many plinths to display things on, so at this point and in this case we need to begin considering alternatives, just in case when it comes to it on the day of putting up the show we are plinth-less haha.



Lockers being around the same sort of shape and height of a plinth, so all we’d really need to do is cover up the locker with some kind of sheet of material of sort and it should be okay.



Me and Nikki noticed a few of these sort of cupboards on wheels around the university, a possibility that it could be something to put drinks on, and could also be good for somewhere to put unopened drinks, on the inside of it.



Obviously to display particular items in our show we also looked at tables that were out of use and randomly placed around the uni.


In terms of a height for the tables, we thought waist height would be ideal, therefore not being to high and not to low for visitors.

Taking notes and measurements

So just in case we decide to use some of these things, we thought it’d be a good idea to take measurements and notes now in order to save us flapping around like headless chickens at the last minute!



This would also help me, because then whatever the group decides together, I can then already have the measurements in order to create the floor plan.


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