My Opinion On My Floor Plans

So okay, I created a varied series of floor plans to show the group, this being so we could get a rough idea of the sort of floor plan we’s like me to create to help us with our show and to present to others.

I have two personal favorites:

floor plan 23

I do like this floor plan, which is computer generated. I think the use of colour and a colour key are easy to understand and makes the plan rather attractive.

floor plan 26

This one is my other favorite. Again I like the fact it is clear, also I like the fact that you can link the work up to the artist’s name and location on the floor plan.

I think if the public were to view our floor plan, the first one would be best to use as we wouldn’t want our plan to ruin the show; by this I mean if we were to have images of the artist’s work on it, then the visitors would almost know what to expect in terms of the artist’s work, and because the show is about the artist’s, their work, and the mediums they use I don’t think the plan should be this way publicly. However, if it was for our own personal use and for the group presentation I think the one with the artist’s images would be more appropriate.

However, both plans have been computer generated through the use of the website I used and paint. I think a computer generated plan is best, as we’d be able to get the exact size and measurements of the room and art works within it.


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