Measuring Up For The Space

On Friday me and Nikki took a walk around the uni, during this we were measuring our show space, the artist’s work, and other objects that could be useful for our show in terms of displaying.

Looking at the project space

First of all we looked at the space as a whole





We then looked at the project space in terms of how many plug sockets and how accessible they were, and the location of the plug sockets and the lighting.



Overall there are two lots of plug sockets and one set of light switches, as you can see there’s a plug socket on the left wall and the light switches and another plug socket is on the same wall and are next to the entrance of the space.

Something that me and Nikki had spoken about before was covering up the gap of wall that enters into a level 5 studio space.


Nikki had noticed a large roll of paper that was balanced between both walls, so this we thought could be a possibility. We obviously need to see how it looks, what our group thinks, and check with certain staff members of whether we can use this.

Next me an Nikki measured the space:


We measured the length of each wall, the length of distance of what the plug sockets and light switches were from the door and each other; the length of the door and the entrance to the level 5 studios.

From doing this I created this drawing:


This drawing is now a basis that would therefore help me in terms of coming up with exact measurements of where the artist’s work, and other things will go and fit when mapping out the floor plan for the group.


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