Why Interviewing Random Artists?

At the very beginning I decided to interview some artist,people,students,young people. Why ? It’s easier for me to understand their life,easier than reading wikipedia. Interviews makes artist/people to think, be shocked and help them to understand their impact on this world. And it’s the fastest way to find out information about artist.

First of all, I did little research on internet to find very interesting and useful questions to be answered. I decided to use all these questions for all artist I have chose to work with. As I think  using of the same questions can help us to understand the difference of thinking between artists. I asked people from different fields such as:

-graphic design 

-fine art


-philosopher interested in photography

What I found out is that you can see their profession impact on answering questions.

As I found artist from different fields I also found them from different countries. I decided for this to capture social impact of countries on art.  I contacted people from Slovakia, Poland and United Kingdom. What I found out, art from Poland and Slovakia still contains a bit of traditional impact as at colleges there is no such a freedom as in colleges in UK.

All these artists do not relate to our context ,rather to help us to understand the way of artist’s thinking,different impacts and see how the questions work with artists.


Ľubica Martincová

Kvetka Bobáková

Kate Powell

 Beata Owczarek


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