The first L4 show (OL)






Photographs taken by myself, Amy Huggett

On first entry, you can instantly see that the exhibition has been thoughtfully placed together. There is a feel of beauty and of elegance as well as destruction and ageing. Particular elements inserted into the room by the group, such as the leaves, bricks, branches etc have brought the show to life, combining each of the works and giving the space atmosphere. The lights have been dimmed in certain areas depending on the work, for example there is greater empathises on the 2 projections in the room, as the space they are placed been modified to be dull in terms of lighter. The dimmed room worked well with the overall vibe of the show, giving off a almost sinister atmosphere which was supported by the airy music of the videos playing over and over.

The floor space is quite filled, the works are placed all around the room, however they do not follow around when viewing for work due to the projector placed in the centre of the room. When entering the room, there feels to more space initially which is inviting, then the room feels to become closer together. I think its fair to say that the projector has been incorporated as much as possible, however they doesn’t feel to be a order in which the work is seen and therefore becomes naturally, slightly uncomfortable when viewing it- in this case, it doesn’t been a problem as there seems to be some kind of push for the feeling of being uncomfortable. The information desk is placed against the wall at the ‘back’ of the space. This area of the room is not particularly interesting and hasn’t been made a focus of the room in the same way the dominant corners of the room have been, however the space relates to the other artwork.

Ole’s tutor group decided not to have a preview evening, which considering the time scale the show is displayed for is understandable. Our group however, have choose to have a preview evening to showcase the work and hopefully encourage more people to see the work.

-What sort of overall vibe do we want the show to give?

-How much floor space will there be? and will this effect the work. (judged with floor plans)

-Will we create atmosphere and impact on certain works or areas of the room through the lighting?


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