Press Release

I read press releases by Rebecca,Amy, Charlotte and Nikki.

In terms of information and its amount I think Nikki’s is the best one.Clearly said what’s going on. I like using of websites and our logo,according to what Ilona said, if someone is interested in more information he can have a look on our website.  Nikki’s layout looks very good but I have to say it’s a bit boring,not very eyes-catching. As Ilona mentioned I would rather use original poster title than using of few pictures of artworks we going to present as again its not fair to others. If we wanna stay with Nikki’s look I would a bit Photoshoped the pictures to make it more breathing,as at the moment they are very dull,grey,the colours need to be vivid as in Poster,to stand the pictures out and be dominant.Also I would put them in center.

What I like about Rebecca ‘s is the green frame. I think we can stay with this frame if we decided to use Nikki’s layout without Poster title.As I think using both ,Poster title and green frame would be too much which could distract readers from reading important information.

Overall I must say, all press releases are full of needed information, professionally presented but as I said Nikki’s is working better than the others as its straight forward.

I created a look of press release according to Ilona’s idea and Nikki’s layout and information.

press release


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