Opinion On Nadine’s Floor Plans



Nadine created diverse floor plans,some of them inspired by last year’s floor plans. By looking at all of them I think most favorite are these three:

The reason why I like them most is their simplicity we are working with from very beginning. The second one (hand drawing) is very neat,arty and easy to understand. The first one as its computer generated it has more details to tell and looks more realistic than the second one. The third one is one of my favorite as it’s simple,clean,neat and there are no objects/shapes which can kinda destroy sense of object according to the first two  there are rectangles as a representation of paintings, i know its just for locating a painting but for me it a bit destroy my understanding of what work gonna be placed at this point as for me it seems like very wide object or rather sculpture than painting. I understand the whole point of it and it looks very good but I am just trying to tell difference between the third and first two plans and how their looks affect my understanding. The other thing I want to highlight is the way how’s the work titled in plan. In first one the titles are in shapes, in second on the titles are outside of map followed by narrows, it seems for me very crowded that’s why I more prefer plan No.3 again there are no shapes or titles in space to destroy sense of measurement, I would rather use numbers and titles beside plan to stay more simple and neat.


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