Opinion on Nadine’s Floor plans

I have been looking at all of the different Drafts that Nadine did for the floor plan and i think that she has done and Amazing  because it shows that she has investigated and confirm all the possible plans that she could have done.


Out of all the drafts that she made in my opinion I think that this is the best because it is clear and concise as it shows all the relevant information as to where all of the work is going to be places as well as providing the images. Although it doesn’t have necessary measurements of the work I think that in terms looking at a room as a space and how it can and will be used it is very Clear and easy to use as a PLAN for when we install the work.


This a more recent floor plan that Nadine made and i like the idea of having the measurements put into the plan because it would a benefit for us to have so that we can arrange the correct spacing for the work.


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