Example Layout’s

I was so happy when I saw all the posts from Nadine about the Layout of the show! We are really running out of time now and even though people in the group were given their set jobs, they don’t seem to be getting done!

I think Nadine has done an amazing job on researching different ways to show our layout in the best way.

I am very interested in the website she found where you put all the measurements in, and then you get an exact scale of what the show will look like!

Layout exampleThis is perfect for us as we wanted the space to be interactive and for people to walk around and get close to the work to see the techniques and different mediums used!

Also I think Nadine is perfect for this job because she has been there with me throughout, watching me organise the artists, with me meeting them and measuring their work.
I think without doing that it would be hard to plan a space out if you don’t have a realistic idea of the size of work, or how the artist wants their work displayed!

I have an idea of how the work should displayed fro speaking with the artists, which I will put up once I collaborate all the measurements.


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