Press release opinion

After looking at all the press releases i have noticed how they have photographs of the works used in them, this shows the works used and makes it a tiny bit clearer in which direction out show is being curated. 

All the drafts are clear and have good points in them and a lot of information about our show.

There’s good points listed and good information given out. However out of them all i think Nikkis idea combined all the other drafts together, but it does not have a lot of stuff to read, this makes it easier for the reader, it has our blog address so if someones interested enough they can have a proper look at what our curated show is about in ALL the detail, i think with stuff like that the less is the better as it makes the reader more intrigued. 

I think all the layouts used are very interesting and professional, however i think that poster could be linked with the press release so they look similar and have the same kind of logos, which kind of makes it look as one, links our show together.

So by saying this instead of having the photos like all the drafts show, we could use our main title ‘perception’ idea which has the photos of artworks in them?

This could link the both together but also save space and make the title stand out even more.



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