Looking At The Groups Press Releases:

So four members in the group have uploaded a press release draft for our show to the blog, which I have had a look and a read through to see what I think.


As Nikki touched on, I also like the layout of Amy’s press release as it does look professional. I feel some parts could be improved on however such as the title, I feel it doesn’t really stand out, and the title is an important aspect of the show, so therefore should be more visible  for example could be of a larger scale of even underlined.


I personally also like Rebecca’s layout, and the fact she has really got in to explaining our show and what it is about, which is good. However, I feel it comes across as a little too descriptive (for me), so I felt like I was finding it difficult to take things in, I was thinking that this could be solved by perhaps splitting the first paragraph up a little bit perhaps?


What is good about Charlotte’s Press Release is that it includes all the relevant details of: when, where and who, which is obviously important. However, I wasn’t so sure on her layout, for example, where she has got about the curators and the blog website I feel it should be at the bottom of the press release. Also I feel that to me it sounds a little complex than it needs to be and therefore might confuse those who read it maybe?


What I like about Nikki’s is that she has shown that she has clearly researched into press releases beforehand, and that from this she has then looked at Amy’s, Rebecca’s and Charlotte’s press releases and picked out the strong points of those in order to develop a stronger one, in which I feel she has done well.

Overall I think as it is an already improved version (taking the good points of the others and adding her own points too) I feel we should be looking at Nikki’s as the final press release, adding any other points in which we feel could be improved on as a group. I personally feel that the title could still be a tiny bit bigger perhaps (but that’s probs me just being picky), as it is bigger than the overall text size anyway, so as long as it stands out at least, I think it’s fine.


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