Floor Planning 1

Right guys, after looking at last years floor plans I’ve been doing a bit of research into successful floor planning, and obviously there isn’t much you can research about it; all that seems to come up is a load of sh*t basically. From researching I came across a website called ‘Raymour and Flanigan Furniture‘, in which where you can do an interactive room planner; so I thought at yes, precisely 3:00am (because I’m crazy) I’d have a go at room planning on the website to see if it was any good in terms of how I would create a floor plan for the group for our show.

floor plan 1


From being on the website long enough I did realize that ideally the website is used for office or home room floor planning, but I personally didn’t think it mattered that much, so I did a bit of a quick sketch on there and then edited some of the sketches in paint.

Bare in mind these are only testers to see what sort of floor plan we’d have in mind of creating for the show and how we want it to look, such as colour coding for example, so please don’t pay attention to any layout/amount of work/artists at the moment; like I said, for the minute I am just experimenting.

Starting point:

floor plan 2

Experiment 1

floor plan 22

So this is my first experiment using the random template I created on the website. I then took this image to paint and just began by adding text to begin with. Personally I do like it, I think it looks rather professional and more sophisticated than anything. My only downside is that I feel it lacks colour, and I feel colour is quite nice and makes a floor plan more simple to follow, possibly?

Experiment 2

floor plan 23

My second experiment I went onto after creating the first and having the feeling that I needed to try out colour to see how it looks. As you can see I have created a colour coded key to link the art works in that particular area with the artist. I feel it looks really good, simpler to follow maybe? But then I suppose it depends on the person looking at it; maybe it could come across as childish? But I do like the idea of a key.

Experiment 3

floor plan 24

With my third experiment I wanted to stick with the idea of having a key for this one, but in a different form, this being with numbers. BORING!!!! Who on earth would want to look at a floor plan like this!? It doesn’t show at all how much of a space the work could take, it shows no shape, and therefore I think would be really difficult to follow when it actually comes to putting up the show.

Experiment 4

floor plan 25

With my fourth experiment I wanted to try at more of a diagram type look to it; this being with an image linking to the artists name and precisely where the work is in the room. Like this, I rather like this diagram type look, again I feel it looks professional; however, I feel it is hard to tell whether it works or whether I actually like it without the use of actual images, instead of stupid boxes with the word ‘image‘ on the top!

Experiment 5

floor plan 26

With my fifth experiment I wanted to have a go at actually including images into it, as I wasn’t able to tell whether it worked with the last one without the images. I feel this doesn’t look too bad, it adds colour and it is clear; my only concern would be that it gives a bit too much away perhaps, so if  the floor plans were to go out to our visitors (unsure whether they are yet), but if they were would it almost spoil it for the visitor???

At the moment my personal favorites are the diagram ones and the colour coded one, this being because they are visually attractive and easy to understand using imagery/colour and because they both have a form of text. I think this website was good in terms of getting the diagram started, I like the fact the website has different uses of furniture ranging from tables to lighting, even to speakers! Therefore if we use speakers or extra lighting in our show it could be included in the floor plan if the rest of the group wanted.

Also bare in mind I am still yet to try out hand drawn floor plans also! 


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