Floor Planning 2

As I said in my last post where I created some floor plans on the computer, I wanted to have a go at doing some hand drawn floor plans, just so that we have considered all the options there in which to decide what is best for us, our show and when it comes to presenting to other people. Here are some hand drawn floor plans I have created so that I can have more of a clear view what our floor plan might look like when we decide on what is best:

Experiment 1


So with this one I started of with a simplistic design (like how I did before on the computer), but by hand using a fine liner and a ruler. I think although it is hand drawn it still looks rather computer generated – which isn’t bad as it means it isn’t a mess; it is neat and clear. I feel the only part that looks really hand drawn is the writing.I think that if we were to go for something like this as our floor plan it might as well be created on the computer as they pretty much look the same.

Experiment 2


With this one, in a similar way to how I did the one on the computer, I used colours and a colour key. I don’t feel as though it looks too bad personally; and the nice thing about it is it looks hand drawn as you can see the pencil crayon marks – which does make it look quite creative and arty. I feel it looking creative and arty is a good thing, but the question is, is this the sort of look we want for our floor plan, or would we rather it look more professional?

Experiment 3


I created this one with inspiration from one of last years floor plans (Francoise’s groups), as they used their floor plan as hand drawn, which was obvious, adding images of the artist’s work and linked it into the floor plan connecting the work to the diagram outline. Personally I don’t like this one, it adds something with the imagery in terms of colour, but I just think it’s boring and perhaps a bit vague?

Experiment 4


With this one I feel in quite a similar way to how I did of the last one; however I feel this one is worse, especially as a hand drawn version . Imagine trying to fit all the artist’s images into one diagram – yes I suppose I could make them smaller, however I feel that you wouldn’t really get a sense of size and just the general fact that it would look untidy. Although, I do feel that something like this is simple to understand, but then in other ways is it too much?

So yes, overall these are my hand drawn cracks at floor planning. It would really help me in terms of deciding what sort of floor plan should be used for our show if people in the group gave their opinions on what they like.


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