Press Release


Above is a version of the Press Release I created. As you will see, it separated into 5 paragraphs as follows:

Location of the show.


Introduction to the theme of the show and who is involved.

The artists involved and there take and interpretation of the theme.

Thanks to the artists involved.

Furthur information on the show/contact

(BCU Logo and Artlife Logo)

I have made it so all the text is in line with the image and to one side, influenced by East Side Projects. The press release could be cut down or purely stuck to that size? I was thinking there could be additional information along the right side but not sure on what exactly. The text itself is short and doesn’t offer too much information as I feel our blog should do that for us, however i’de like to see what everyone else thinks as i’m not sure on how everyone else would like the press release to be. I kept things short and discrete due to my Press Release research in which I favoured ESP’s M6 PR which I felt had just the right amount of textual and visual information that went together perfectly.

Maybe the press release could be where viewers gather the important information of the show?

I also wondered if the imagery went well or shall we use just one image that sums up the show most/looks interesting?


Comment on this:

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