Press Release Draft

Press Release

Above is the link for my draft of our Press Release

I have looked at both Amy’s Draft and Becky’s Draft for inspiration for my own.
I also had a look at a blog site called the Practical Art World, which gives you advice on how to create a press release for an art exhibition :

Press Release Information

After reading this information and both Amy’s and Becky’s drafts I wrote a version of my own.

I really liked the layout of Amy’s and some of the content. It’s clear and to the point and looks like a Press Release!

With Becky’s I liked that she included more information and I liked some of her descriptions for the show.

So I tried to combine them both together!

I added more details about the exhibition times and location at the top – changed the pictures to the confirmed artists that showed a wider mix of mediums – put the artists in alphabetical order – reworded the paragraphs slightly.

Without looking at Amy and Becky’s first draft though I wouldn’t of known where to start!

I did read Charlotte’s Draft, and I think she has all the relevant information that we need the viewer to know.
However, I don’t think her paragraphs make sense in terms of our show. The description wasn’t quite right, but I’m glad she gave it a go!

Now it’s time to find out what the rest of the group thinks in order to publish our press release as soon as possible!


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