Review of the Poster Ideas

We all decided to do our own posters n then review on what we wanted for our Final one.
So I’m not going to mention each one, but what I think our final one should look like from choosing the best aspects from them all.

I have a mixed view on what the Final Poster should look like as I think there strong qualities from 2 kinds of designs.

I really like this poster by Karina:


Its really creative and looks very professional.
So in a way I’d like this to be our final but with our own logo on and the work of the connfirmed artists in the lettering.

I also really like the hand drawn qualities of these by myself and Nadine:


They match the design of the blog which will be good for promotion. If the viewer gets given a flyer and then sees the poster they automatically get a connection. Add the website for the blog on as well and then it will all match.

But I was thinking more about this and realised that the blog is just for the curators. Other shows don’t necessarily have the exhibition designs the same.

But I definitely think there should be:

An Image – Date – Time – Address – Admission and Drinks – Logo – Web Address – Project Space – Big Title

And Nadine’s description of:

The Human Figure in the Eye of the Artist

This is an example of something I have in my mind for the Final One:

Poster Idea

This just an idea obviously Karina would do it with photoshop and change the images around.

Karina is perfect for the job of designing the poster as I feel she has come up with the most unique designs so far.
I’m sure she’ll make this a lot better but for now Ive added a black border, made the letters smaller to fit more content on the bottom, so I can get what’s in my head out for everyone else to see as well.

I really like the fact it’s got BCU on so I left that and added our logo as well. And just made the address and date bigger.

Just need to see now what everybody else thinks?


One comment

  1. Karina Cabanikova

    I really love it :). the text works very good with all information bellow :). also nadine’s text is like it has to be there. it complete the whole design. i would defo stay with what u made :) and just tighten it :). i may leave a bit of white space around the letters to do not have it sticked so close to the corners :).

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