In terms of a poster…

Nikki has just posted about her thoughts on some of the group’s posters, and I completely agree with what she has said about Karina’s poster being really creative and looking professional, but the fact that a few tweaks need to be added, and from her point of view Nikki went on to developing the poster to look like this:

Poster Idea

I really do like it, personally, and I don’t know what anybody else thinks, but I think it’s perfect and just what we’re looking for! I think the positioning of this title on the poster as a whole is much better; as it still leaves room for important information, so everything isn’t as crammed. The whole thing in general looks eye-catching, it’s quirky, creative and most importantly relevant. And I agree with Nikki that along with this attractive poster design, the advertising of free admission and free drinks is needed in order to gather more people to visit our show, letting our visitors know and making them feel welcome!

So overall I think this should be the poster that we use (obviously with the imagery changed to suit our final artists), in order to successfully advertise and draw in people to our show.


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