Views on the proposed Posters so Far

1111What i liked about Rebecca‘s post was the fact that she kept the poster simple as well as visually ‘eye catching’ which is essential in terms of attracting all types of viewers of different ages which is what we essentially want for our show.


When i saw Nadine’s poster I thought that it had a more ethnic feel to it because she used her own hands as a template for the poster which sort of goes with the theme its self because most of the time as artists we use our own hands to make Art but its our own ‘version’ or ‘Perception’ on what we deem is Art.


poster22What i liked about Amy’s  posters was the way she used our logo in all of the Posters that she did which is essential as we want the audience to Know that it is our group that curated the show. I also like the way she has clearly outlined all of the important information that we need as to WHAT WHEN AND WHERE  our show is going to be curated.


I liked the way that ILLONA’s poster designs was the way that she added the artists work what is going to be displayed which gives the  viewer a chance to see the type of work that is going to be displayed. I also like the way she has managed to mask the work as well as HIGHLIGHT the title and the time and date the show is starting because it is  all relevant it terms of being visually eye catching as well as getting the viewer intrigued.

dfsfsdUntitled-1-horzWhat i liked about Karina‘s first 2 posters was the way that she included the artists work that is going to be displayed on the show which is a good idea because its relevant and keeps the viewer interested in the work so much so that they would be interested in seeing it Live.


From  all the poster drafts that everyone has presented including my own i think this is the best poster in terms of information about the show ,visual interest as well as creativity for our show . I say this because although the artist work is still being shown you cant see it clearly because its been masked over by the title of the show which will keep the viewer interested in the show which is our ultimate goal.

Poster DesignWhat i liked about NIKKI’s poster was the way that she added a literal meaning to the word ‘PERCEPTION’ because she further developed on Nadine’s post by adding a little bit more twerks on the poster which made it more ‘eye catching’ because the show is about the way artists view art in the modern world.

poster 2


I was disappointed with my own post because when compared to all the other post it lacks in creativity and hopefully for our next curated show this will be a lesson learnt.


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