Successful Planning – Floor plan

After what Mona was talking about in Thursday’s lecture I thought it would be a good time to begin to look into floor plans for shows, as no doubt the time when it comes to creating ours and actually having to put up the show will soon come around. Therefore I have been having a look on Moodle at last years tutor groups floor plans for their shows, this being in order to get inspiration of what to include and different ways of creating a floor plan…

Francoise’s Tutor Group

Franny's tutor group exhibition plan

This is Francoise’s tutor groups exhibition plan. What I like is the hand drawn aspect to it, with the use of images clearly labeling what is what and what goes where. The use of images makes it bright, colourful and the shapes and direct lines leading the images to the shape makes it stand out. However it is always good to have some form of labelled text I feel.

From looking at the floor plan this tutor group seem to have used the space well, displaying works centrally as well as displayed against or on the wall.

David’s Tutor Group

David Cheeseman tutor group

This is David’s tutor groups floor plan. And they have I feel obviously gone through a more of a, I feel, complex way of creating an exhibition plan. They have used numbers and a number key for their exhibition plan. I feel like, yes, it is understandable, however, the plan looks kind of boring without any drawn diagrams. I see it as kind of lazy. Not just this but you can’t see where abouts a wall piece would end for example (what reaches to where), so therefore for me it is an unsuccessful floor plan.

From looking at the floor plan, the group have obviously kept things simple in terms of ways of displaying as things seem to only be against the wall.

Mona’s Tutor Group

Monas tutor group This is Mona’s tutor groups floor plan, obviously this floor plan has been computer generated. I feel it is clearly labelled, has a sense of colour to it through the lines also. I think it looks okay, but I still feel it’s a bit vague, and could have more to it. I don’t know what. I just have a sense that something is missing from it.

From looking at the floor plan, this tutor group seem to have also stuck to displaying against the wall (apart from one piece), but still this leaves the center of the space bare and empty. But we have to think about whether that suited the work displayed and the theme of the show.

John’s Tutor Group

John Wigleys exhibition plan

This is John’s tutor groups exhibition plan. This exhibition plan obviously has also been computer generated. What I like about this one is that it is colour coded. The art works have been coloured blue and any other objects in the room have been coloured green. This one is also clear, and doesn’t look as empty.

From looking at the floor plan it shows they plan to make use of the space in the room, yet still leaving space for visitors to walk about the show.

What I also like is that the group also created an ‘after the show‘ floor plan…

John Wigleys exhibition plan 2

This I feel is definitely a good way of showing how things change and how things have developed when it comes to putting up the show. I feel however, that this diagram looses the good visual aspects that the first diagram had (the colour coding), so therefore seems a bit more rushed.


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