Review on uploaded posters.

I have just looked at the posters that have been uploaded by Amy, Ilona, Karina, Nadine, Nikki and myself and decided to depict the certain parts of the posters that I particularly like…


I can certainly see how the poster has developed succesfully from my experiment to hers and how she used the same visual technique that I used to create the outline of the face on my poster. Also I adore the hand rendered qualities to the poster design rather than being graphically produced.


With a high standard of drawing skills show through the ‘eye’ of the artist which she wanted to portray, for yet again another hand rendered poster which I think works rather well with the overall theme of our show. I also like the layout, with the art life logo at the bottom of the poster and crucial details included the the visitors would ned to know.


Yet again another hand rendered piece I love the use of the art life colours and how it makes the poster even more striking that she has and also the lines that surround the eye make it a quirky design.


I especially love the design ses made with the white background and how she has used the artists work as a template to the ‘perception’ letters. This idea is one of my favourites for the title out of the majority of the posters we have created. Also it looks very professional and familiar to a style of poster I hve saw before.


I particularly like how she has mixed it up and had the writing at a landscape andglebut the photographs of the artists work at a portrait angle with the images faded out. Also I do love how the black and white contrast with one another.


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