Review On Posters

Amy and Nikki

I like an idea of using an drawing, eye drawing which clearly represent our title PERCEPTION.Using of ARTlife colours make it more personal and the white background with black text create lovely contrast which make all information stand out and easy to read. In Nikki’s poster the drawing is very thorough and detailed,working pretty good with text centered in middle. It’s very neat and eye-catching.


I like an arty feel in Ilona’s poster. It’s very traditional and work very good with School architecture. The green text is very good  representation of our group.

Nadine and Rebecca

The way they both represented the world PERCEPTION is very interesting and simple. Rebecca’s digital version is very professional,there is great emphasis on title rather than on actual drawing. In Nadine’s poster we can spot a bit different emphasis which is more focused on information such address. Both of the posters carry our blog main features such as colour,name of our blog or logo.

Overall I must say we all end up with similar idea,communication between us worked pretty good. All of the posters contains what we wanted and have the similar impact we wanted to create.



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