Poster Review

Looking at everyone’s posters overall, one thing I really liked was use of space. I think having a lot of white space on the poster works well with the white cube space. Although there was discussion about not using images of the artists work on the poster, I think in some cases it has worked well. For example Illona’s poster, the black with vertical writing (which I feel also looks really interesting) and Karina’s poster with the block writing filled in with the images. I really liked the hand drawn features of both Nikki’s and Nadine’s posters and think they could look really good if the eye was computer manipulated- it works well with the overall theme of the show. I thought Rebecca’s use of simple line and text worked really well as the poster looked minimalist and contemporary. Emma’s design is neat and also has a minimalist approach- giving nothing away about the show but the important detail which is intriguing. I too have gone for a minimalist approach as well as looking at something that could be worked with digitally. I feel that we have all been successful with linking our posters to the show and the blog, whether that be through imagery or the colour scheme used. My suggestions for the final poster be that the logo and website is present.


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